Yet Another Frog Croaks

published on November 18, 2021

A young child grieving his deceased loved ones. A man visiting his estranged father. A desperate man reflecting on his life as he rushes to end it. An injured bicyclist seeking help from a passerby. A broken marriage on the brink of divorce. A neighbor feeling retrospective guilt. A man attending a funeral at a church. A woman waking up before her husband. Everyone dies eventually, but in the meantime, death remains a looming part of our lives and one with which we must all come to terms. The debut collection of up-and-coming author Hayden Sidun brings you eight exhilarating short stories that examine the intricacies of human emotion and existentialism with everyday situations that take on grief, personal crisis, unexpected tragedy, family and relationships, and mortality. Yet Another Frog Croaks will leave you sad, satisfied, and thinking about your fate, because tomorrow is never a guarantee.

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